Monday, April 18, 2022


The term and word ‘Happiness’ is relative. It is not something that can be held, touched. It means different things to different people plus different things bring it for different people. 
For thousands of years, humans have pursued happiness. They have tied happiness to different things and people.
You hear people say things like;

‘I’ll be happy when I’m successful.’
‘I’ll be very happy when I get married.’
‘Having children will make me happy.’
‘My children make me happy.’
‘My husband/wife makes me happy.’
‘I’ll be happy when I’m done with school and get a job.’
‘When I have my own car, I’ll be very happy.’

We tie our happiness to attaining a specific goal, thing and we also give certain people the job of making us happy.
So, after you attain that goal, will you stay happy forever? Won’t there be another goal to make happen before you?

It’s preposterous and draining to tie your happiness to a man, woman, child, job or anything. Humans will disappoint you. How can you say you’d only smile and be happy when someone in your life does something, it’s emotionally draining to the person, to be in charge of your happiness, to always keep you happy, like it is their sole purpose on earth. If you’re one of such people who expect others to be the one to make you happy, don’t you think you’re somewhat manipulative?
These humans have their own problems, purposes, lives, it cannot revolve around you.

You should never give anyone that kind of job, to be the source of your happiness. Those kids, yes your kids, will disappoint you sometimes.

I have come to the acceptance and realization that happiness just like every other human feeling and emotion is personal. You alone can make you happy. Happiness is a choice you can make on your own. If you give goals, material things and people the power of making you happy, the happiness will be short and fleeting plus they will all disappoint you. Being in charge of your own happiness helps you appreciate the moments in your life when people try to make you smile.

You can be happy no matter where you are in life, no matter the goals you haven’t attained, no matter what your partner does, no matter what the people you love do and think, no matter how you’re treated, even if you don’t have one naira in your pocket, you can choose to be happy and smile from within.
Even the Bible tells us that every good thing comes from God; Happiness, joy and love are good things from God. As people made in his image, we can have it because he does. We can ask God for happiness. Remember ‘The joy of the Lord is my strength’?

Why pursue happiness on the outside when you already have it for free on the inside? All you have to do is choose to be and summon it. No need looking for people and things to give it to you.
You are a happy creation. You are a happy child.
Stay happy in all situations, always. Choose happiness.
Stop pursuing happiness and look within you.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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