Tuesday, April 5, 2022


  They say pride goes before a fall. It doesn’t necessarily equate a fall. It’s just that we make lots of unnecessary things important. Funny thing is most times it’s only in our heads. It’s our prejudiced perceptions of situations that create pride. We let things cloud our heads and judgement. Let me give examples.

 Thomas is well educated and has a PhD. He has no job. Wait, he has gotten job offers but he’s waiting for the right offer. Every other job is beneath him. He can’t do that. What would people even say if they heard besides, his self pride won’t
let him? So, he’d rather sit at home and wait for the job of his dreams.
  Edna is successful and beautiful. She’s in her thirties. She meets a great guy but the only catch there is, he’s not a university graduate, can’t speak superb English but he’s comfortable.He loves Edna and treats her right. Edna is ok with him behind closed doors but outside, her pride on what she perceives as her standing in society won’t let her. She can’t stand to be scrutinized by people and to be seen as going below her class.
  Sam has done a few movies. He hungers for locally roasted plantain but the perception in his head of what people would say seeing him a well known actor do that and how it is beneath him doesn’t let him walk to the plantain seller's stand.
  Frank comes into little money and buys a car. One day the car goes bad on the street and the mere thought of walking is not just his thing.
  Tom and his wife had an argument. Well, she was right but he’d never admit it. He’s the man so why should he? A lock-down is created. His wife tired of his pride decides in her head to leave.

  Ok, my examples might be off but you get the story. There are situations where and when self pride is very important.
  Pride is nothing more than our over-inflated perception of ourselves, things, events plus what people think. You can call it arrogance or anything you will. Next time you feel something is beneath you and you can’t step so low, just ask yourself why you are thinking that. As much as people love talking about other people, they only do it for a few minutes when they remember you, which is usually when they see you or hear your name.
   Everyone has got their own problems and your current job, who you are married to, what you wear, your level of education, how many kids you have, who your friends are, where you shop, where you went for your last vocation and all that important stuff to you is really the least of their problems.         Everyone is preoccupied with themselves, so are the majority of their thoughts.

 You lock yourself in a little room that doesn’t fit into a percentage of the size of the world, not even a percentile of it.  Everything isn’t and can’t be about you. So stop being proud about nothing and get off your high horse and live life.

Thanks for reading my thoughts. What are yours?


  1. So right. If only we will just be as simple as life is and stop making things complicated.

  2. Nice write up there Frances. Its all in our head really.

  3. Nice one.. Thanku

  4. Introspecting mode activated.


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