Monday, January 10, 2022


  In the old days, a man was as good as his word. People would say of him "he’s a man of honour.", if a man gave his word and kept it. A man’s word was enough. It was his bond, his measure. People who didn’t keep their words were seen as scoundrels, liars, not trust worthy. Men went as far as fighting duels and wars for broken words. The ability to keep one's word was a thing of pride, of honour.
   Today? Words are meaningless. People just spout them to get what they want from you and move on. It’s that simple. We say words we don’t plan on keeping and see nothing in it when we break them. It’s really sad. Integrity is gone.
   Let’s start with the biggest and most used sentence in the world today, ‘I love you.’ It used to hold so much power in it. Now, we hear it and don’t even believe it. That’s what gross misuse causes. There’s nothing wrong with really meaning something before you say it. If your partner tells you they love you and you know you’re not there yet, then please don’t say 'I love you' until you mean it. A lot of us believe that it is what people in a relationship or in a marriage are supposed to say, so we say it in all our relationships, even though deep down in our hearts we know we don’t and then a month later the relationship ends, we close the door firmly to that person we supposedly love or do things to cause the end of the relationship. The real power in those words is to know the real meaning of the words in the sentence and mean them. If you understand that there is power in the tongue and that your word should be your bond, you’d weigh it a lot before you speak.
   "She’s my friend." 'You’re my friend".
 The word ‘friend’ is another. It is meaningless. You meet someone today and you sing he’s my friend when you don’t even know twat about the person. That you laugh and smile with someone doesn’t make them a friend, they are your acquaintance. Acquaintance has dropped off people’s tongues. If you’re like me you get sceptical when people sing ‘I’m your friend.’ If the person you call a friend is down in the gutter, you don’t know nor really care. Well, blame it all on social media for helping us change the meaning of the two words. That we work in the same office and share jokes does that make one a friend? That word is gone. If you call someone your friend then maybe you should act like one and not kill them and be the one to slander their name and character to others. That isn’t friendship. Not everyone that says they are your friend is as most of us find out later.
   Today, we take people’s words with a pinch of salt. Even contracts that are meant to be binding are not binding because people still break them. Most people are used to taking words uttered to them as nothing while some lose it when people say 'yes' now and turn around to say 'no' later. It pisses the hell out of them and they go as far as cutting ties with such people. Sincerely, every time they have ever lost their cool if they sit sown now to think about it was when people they supposedly trusted to keep their word as they tried hard to keep theirs, didn’t. It irks them every time. They try hard to comprehend why people don’t mean what they say. It’s just a way of life today. Go see couples at the altar then follow the spouse that breaks their word. It’s the world of today.
   If we expect God to keep His word, why can’t you man, made in God’s image not keep yours to another man? I see it as a thing of respect really. God respects us as little as we are. We don’t keep our words to people we don’t respect; we take them for granted and have no regard for them. It’s that simple really.
   We  say we love God but disobey his  commandments  without feeling bad. We utter vows but don't keep them after we say "I do."Well, we look after 'I' in us.
  We say what we think people need to hear to get what we need from them, if we don’t hold ourselves to high principles and standards enough to make our yes, our yes, why should we expect our leaders to keep to their words? It’s a circle, a chain reaction, if you can call it that. If we can’t keep the words we say to our children, we lose their respect and trust slowly without knowing it.
   Even the Bible tells us there is power in the tongue. Words come out of that tongue. A life of friendship can be broken easily when trusted word is broken.
   We need to, all of us; we need to work on it. No one has a gun to your head; if you don’t mean it then don’t say it. Get some principle and discipline today. Teach it to your children, your friends, neighbours, help this country and the world get back on the right track. If I can’t keep a word I say today and I get into power tomorrow, what do you think I’d do? 
   People might call you stupid and laugh at you for always striving to say what you mean and keeping it but do it anyway. In the silence of their hearts, you’d earn their respect for it but don’t do it for them but for you. Why not be different in a world filled with insincerity, pretense and lies?
   I could go on and on but in a few words this whole article is, ‘Everything you say is more than words. Say only what you mean and can keep.’
 Thank you for reading my thoughts. What are yours?

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  1. Nice write up.really wish our leaders n every Nigerian cud read dis.rather inspiring.keep it up


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