Monday, January 24, 2022


    We look for it everywhere. In our lives, in others. We look for it in our jobs, our parents, our children, our spouses, and our academic lives and in our relationships. It is the one thing that makes us equals, that search for perfection. The question I ask is; Is there really anything like perfection? We want a perfect job but can we have that alone and be satisfied? If we get it, that is when we realise that there is another part of our lives that needs tweaking up. A perfect life is the one thing that we are always in search of. We are never satisfied with what we have. We want more and better. No one is perfect, though some people seem to think they are and tend to judge others for not living up to their idea of perfection.
    So, what is perfection? Who sets the standard and says what is perfect or not? What and who defines a perfect relationship, a perfect
job, a perfect life, a perfect person? How do you tell what is perfect, when we all are flawed? Yes, we are not perfect but the rule on defining perfection is very funny. Look at what I mean. A takes a look at a job vacancy, to him the job is not good enough for him, B takes a look at the same vacancy and screams ‘perfect’ and is happy to get the job. Same thing applies in relationships. Seun breaks up with Funmi because he sees many flaws in her and cannot imagine putting up with them for the rest of his life. Akin sees Funmi and says to himself ‘where have you been all my life?’ those same flaws that Seun saw, Akin sees as perfection. I sat to think about all these and I am amazed.
  What defines a perfect holiday, like Valentine or Christmas? For A, it might be sitting at home with her hubby and spending the holiday together, cooking, watching a movie cuddled up in front of the TV. For B, it is a visit to the fanciest restaurant in town. For C, it is a trip to the Obudu cattle ranch and for D, a trip overseas. It is the same in every facet of life. A, sees her perfect wedding to be a very big one with all the stops, plus the whole city in attendance. For B, a small wedding with family and close friends and a reception in the family living room.
   So, what am I trying to say about perfection? It is different strokes for different people. Even your definition of love and what is romantic will differ from that of your neighbour. Never expect that yours and your neighbour's have to be same. We tend to look down on people with different views.
    How do you find this perfection? Truthfully, I am searching for it too. One thing I have noticed is that our definition of that term, changes as we grow and experience different things. I can say one thing; It is finding what makes you happy and not others. It is finding what you like, what soothes and thrills you. You alone can define what perfection is in any sphere of your life to you and not your friends, family, spouse, government, society etc. You define it! Life isn't perfect, the world isn't perfect and people aren't perfect but you can make a decision to make it all perfect no matter the situation you're in and be happy no matter what. That's it. Being happy no matter what your spouse has done, the society, the world, only you can define your perfection and happiness. If you're confused about it , ask God, He knows you better than you know yourself anyways.

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  1. The grass is greener ,one man's meat another man's etc

    What we discard or take for granted another person will treasure forever. As for perfection?? Well ,I think that's just a concept in our heads either from fantasy or an aversion to disappointment. Nice write up.

  2. I think your last paragraph says it all. I would like to add that what may seem perfect now, may become imperfect tomorrow


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