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Oke was in love. He ran home and informed his family and they were making plans to go to Cecilia’s next week to formally ask for her hand in marriage. He informed all his guys and cousins that he

was getting married to a virgin. His cousin, James asked for Cecilia’s picture. He took one look at the picture and hissed. He told his cousin, that he knew Cecilia and she had been his main squeeze while they were in University together. They had done it everywhere and finished all the styles in the Kama sutra books.

  Oke was shattered. He couldn’t think about marrying a girl his closest cousin had slept with not once but repeatedly plus she was also a liar. His mind was all over the place. He asked Cecilia about it and she said James was lying. Oke called off the wedding. He had known his cousin all his life and they were like brothers.

  What Oke did not know was that James had lied. While they were in school, James had hit on Cecilia a lot but she had turned him down every time. Oke and Cecilia went their separate ways.


  Dotun was having drinks with the boys and they were all talking about girls. Henry was busy naming and counting the list of all his conquests and the other guys were hailing him. He was the top dog. Dotun knew a girl that would never fall for Henry. He really liked her and was hoping to make moves on her soon. He mentioned her name and Henry shouted

“That girl is a nympho. She disturbs me day and night to give her some.”

  Dotun could not believe his ears as Henry went on to share more graphic details about his sexcapades with the girl.

  What no one knew was that Henry had lied. He had never even kissed the back of the said girl’s palm.


  Ok, let me stop with the scenarios. It is not just men that lie about people they have supposedly slept with, women do it too.

   I have had personal experiences more than once. One was with a popular actor who was recounting all the industry people he had slept with to his friend and probably some others and Uncle who I have never kissed, mentioned my name. How I found out is story for another day. He sha apologized when I deduced what had happened and confronted him and he told me he had said it under the influence of alcohol and it was the devil. I forgave him, I doubt he called all the people he had spouted the lie to that night and told them that he had lied about me. Why would you even be mentioning names of people you’ve slept with in a small industry?

  Another experience, I found out years later when a guy said he would have asked me out but a mutual friend had told him and others that I was his babe. My eyes bulged out; I was merely friendly with the said guy o but he had painted not just sleeping with me but a relationship that I had no idea about. See professional cockblocker. Lol! I can laugh now but I was mad as hell when I heard it.

  I have more personal stories but I will stop here. I am sure there are some I have not heard about yet.

  First, I think it is disrespectful to have sex with someone as two consenting adults who had a mutual agreement to get physical in secret then you go about sharing details of it without the other person’s consent with your boys or girls. If you respected the person you had sex with you will never kiss and tell on them. I lose respect for people that do such.

  I also think it’s a sign of immaturity. Are you a kid? Even children don’t tell the whole world what they have done.

  Then for some it is due to peer pressure. They want the adulation and to feel among so they spill.

  Some people kiss and tell to boost their cowardly egos before their friends. Which makes absolutely no sense to me. If the person were your daughter or son would you be happy if someone else kissed and told on them.


  Then for the kiss and tell liars, those ones most likely tell the lies from a place of low self esteem fueled by a desperate need to feel superior or to pay back the girl or guy for not returning their advances. They know nothing will ever happen between them and the lied about person in reality.

  I have learnt to take kiss and tell stories with a pinch of salt. That person you heard it from might be telling a lie for reasons known to them. Besides, should it even matter? If possible, such people should be arrested for defamation of character and slander and whatever else they can be charged with.

  If you think all kiss and tell stories you hear at the beauty salons, bars and viewing centers are true, what about me that has supposedly slept with numerous men that don’t even know where the birthmarks/moles in my body are located or whether I shave or not?


Thanks for reading my thoughts, what are yours?

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  1. This is sad... People trying to fuel their rotten ego that has no shoulder pad to back it up 🤦 May the Lord deliever us o.

  2. Humans are weird creatures. It's crazy that they don't think twice about the people they hust while spreading there stories. All for what? So people can call you a bad guy? bad bitch? pfft.


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